NYC City Clerks Elopement in Spring

I love when my long lost Aussie’s hit me up with their secret elopement plans!! Kerby & Michael ended their vacation, eloping the day before flying home. It was just the two of them with some surprise guests - Kerby’s parents who flew across the world to be there, surprising her at 8am the day of! How amazing is that?! Also how gorgeous is the bouquet by Mimosa Floral Design in Brooklyn? I always love everything they do!! They also did the gorgeous flowers at Alicia & Matt’s wedding! Annnnyways I could go on but i’ll say this: Eloping is so romantic, so fun and my answer is always YES!! Always down for a cheeky Monday elopement at the City Clerks office in downtown Manhattan! Please more of these! I also think meeting at your airbnb or hotel and traveling to the clerks office together makes for some extra awesome shots! Peep the beautiful photos by the window before we left. LOVE!!!