So not only do we take amazing photos but we're also pretty talented with a video camera as well! Our photo + video team work seamlessly together to document your day in fun and authentic way! We believe the best wedding videos are both candid and entertaining. Our approach is to capture your day as it unfolds with a fun music driven film that you can watch over and over again with all your friends and family! Each video we create is unique. We love to try new things so if there is any kind of creative approach you would like us to take we are happy to discuss. 

What you'll receive: An awesome 3 minute highlight film of your wedding that you will want to watch over and over and over again. Each video is unique to you and your wedding - some of our videos are fast paced and energetic while others are slower with more of a romantic vibe. You can choose the music you want or we can make a selection for you. We're happy to hand over the raw footage but if you really want an extended video with the ceremony and speeches we can do that too. 

Our videos start from $2400 for 6 hours and extended videos start from $3400. Inquire now to learn more!